The Nicity movement
Nicity is taking an innovative approach to relocation. We’re leveraging AI-powered tools to help identify users’ ideal neighborhoods, making the introduction to industry experts and local resources to ensure a seamless experience from start to finish.

Our neighborhood discovery tool is designed to simplify one of life’s biggest decisions - finding a place to call home.
Our Services
More than 40 million Americans move annually. Our data-driven Where Engine helps find a city and neighborhood that fits users needs based on the specific preferences shared.
Once a neighborhood is identified, we invite them to explore the recommended neighborhood via the Community Hub
The Nice Marketplace, containing estate listings nationwide, trusted industry real estate experts, is designed to get your new life, in your new home, nice and easy.
Meet The Team
Our team is located across the globe, working collaboratively, sharing ideas and personal experiences to offer a creative solution to those struggling with the relocation process. With endless passion and a global mindset, Nicity offers an opportunity to be a part of the solution.
Florian Jansen
“Until now, there hasn’t been an open, online technology that combines a hyperlocal neighborhood search, community engagement, and real estate. With the help of Nicity, those looking to move or relocate can now virtually identify, visit, select, and get to know their next perfect neighborhood before they start packing their bags"
"After an exciting career in Big 4, private equity and financial services, I was looking for new challenges. That's where Nicity happened to me: I'm building a solid finance & ops base here while enjoying the startup atmosphere!"
Chief People Officer
"To create a socially significant product is something that makes me get ahead! When I can take part in letting people have better life experiences and prosper, it’s a real NICE place for me. So proud of having a chance to design a new world for my family, friends and people around, and doing that among peers who share my values."
Head of Mobile Development
"As a software engineer, I know how it feels to create an online product desired by tons of users and satisfying their needs. An amazing feeling of releasing a feature, which gets popular as soon as it’s implemented. That’s what I did in different apps such as taxi aggregators, ads classifieds, and what I do in a modern and crisp Nicity app. "
Community manager
"I adore working with people and for people. As a community manager, I used to create the best experience for users, who love sharing their reviews, feedback, and help others take advantage of their neighborhoods, as well as for those, who want to get help and support. I embraced the idea to launch friendly and sustaining communities here!"
Head of Support
"How a company interacts with users reflects our corporate culture. When I first came across a brilliant Nicity team, I firmly believed we would get along and create the best in class, supportive, and helpful client service, relying on shared beliefs, values, and the foremost examples from my previous experience."
How we work
While we embrace the work remote lifestyle, we enjoy being together!

When we aren’t in our home offices or exploring your next new neighborhood, we're vibing off each other’s creativity, writing code, laughing, enjoying team lunches and in-person meetings without using the phrase “you’re on mute!”

Lisbon Tech Hub
New York Office
Our Core values
Looking to bring your true
and authentic self to the table?
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Service Minded
Provide a unique and enjoyable experience for all users. Recognize their needs and how to deliver them.
Own your area of responsibility.
Now is better than Perfect (from experience - aiming for quick 80/20 is typically better than a drawn out “100%”
Team Oriented
We are a small and growing team, working (quickly and efficiently) to get things done. Deliver what you promise (We rely on each other)
Solution Driven
We all know there are challenges and areas to optimize/improve. Be a change agent, come to the table with potential solutions.
Create a new product from scratch. Become part of an extraordinary global team. Solve problems that matter to millions of people
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